Space startups turn to 3D printing tech for cost-efficient growth

Space startups turn to 3D printing tech for cost-efficient growth

Space technology startups are using 3D printing technology to achieve initial scale in manufacturing, before they can move towards traditional processes. Executives from Agnikul Cosmos, Skyroot Aerospace and Pixxel Space said that their current production needs will be met using 3D printers, even though the technology is no comparison to industrial manufacturing using injection moulding.

Technology Development Board says to support Astrome for commercialization of GigaMesh solution

To solve Internet Woes of Rural India, TDB has agreed to provide financial assistance of Rs 2.97 crores, out of the total project cost of Rs 19.79 crores to Astrome Technologies,” said a press statement by the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Data Sutram processes unstructured data, creates actionable information to be consumed by data scientists

Says Rajit Bhattacharya, CEO of Data Sutram who has faced many challenges in trying to solve the problem of unstructured data. There are 9 lakh data companies in the US while India hardly has nine. Government initiatives are pushing for a better data management system, but it too will take time, he points out.

Bengaluru-Based Firm’s ‘GigaMesh’ Solution To Get Financial Aid From Govt, To Help In Extending Rural 5G Connectivity

The government has decided to provide financial assistance to a Bengaluru-based firm for extension of 4G and 5G services in rural areas through its ‘GigaMesh’ solution.

Clensta refreshes its brand appeal with a new logo

Gurgaon-based biotechnology company Clensta has introduced a new logo and brand identity with an intent to enhance consumer connect. The brand has now leveraged on their innovation capabilities to fully enter the consumer space with diverse offerings in categories such as skincare, haircare, wellness,

Indian short-video apps to reach 600 mn users by 2025

Indian short-form apps are expected to double their monthly active user base to 600 million (67 per cent of all smartphone users) by 2025 and have a monetisation opportunity of $19 billion by 2030, a new report has shown.

GARI will be winner of this crypto winter; video NFT marketplace to come soon: Sumit Ghosh, Chingari

Gari Network’s Gari token, which powers the Chingari App, has been in the spotlight of late after the surprise ‘black swan’ event that wiped out 90 percent of its value. The sharp erosion in the token has kept users and investors on tenterhooks, who are comparing it with Terra’s Luna.

The Web3 World According To Filecoin

Protocol Labs Founder Juan Benet joins Consensus 2022 to share an outlook for crypto and the Web3 space from Filecoin’s point of view.

Track, Analyse and Automate all operations running over WhatsApp

Manage all your customer and vendor processes like payments, orders, and logistics. Make your ground teams 3X more productive with FloWorks.

Interality launches ‘Memeverse’ a virtual world for MemeChat

Interality, a leading virtual world engine startup has collaborated with MemeChat to launch Memeverse. Memeverse is a Virtual Reality World where visitors can enter, explore, shop, play and earn NFTs. It has Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.