Klub ties up with Cashfree Payments to finance 5k merchants

Klub ties up with Cashfree Payments to finance 5k merchants

Revenue Based Financing platform, Klub, announces its partnership with India’s leading payments and API banking solutions company, Cashree Payments. With this partnership, Klub and Cashfree Payments aim to finance 5,000 merchants through Revenue Based Financing.

Short video app Chingari collaborates with Fashion TV to launch 100 NFTs.

NEW DELHI: Short video app Chingari announced the launch of 100 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) in partnership with Fashion TV. Chingari is the issuer of GARI native token that enables short-form video creators to monetize their content on the blockchain.

E-commerce player DealShare expects to become profitable in 24-30 months

A little over three years after launching operations from Jaipur, DealShare, a social e-commerce company which competes with the likes of Flipkart Shopsy, Meesho and Udaan’s Price Company in the grocery, daily essentials and related segments, says it will cross a billion dollars in revenue run rate this financial year. The company expects to not only triple its revenues in the next two-and-half years, but also become operationally profitable.

Chingari partners with Fashion TV, acquires exclusive rights for its content

Chingari has entered into a strategic partnership with Fashion TV (FTV). As per the partnership, Fashion TV’s content will be available exclusively on Chingari app. Moreover, GARI and Fashion TV has also launched 100 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). The event showcased exclusive GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs in a 75-piece fashion show designed by Madiha Abaida of Extremedy.

India’s Bajaj-partnered shared e-mobility provider Yulu expects 100X fleet expansion

The India EV market trends have shown that 2-wheelers will lead its mass adoption. Several companies are already trying to enter this market with EV scooters and motorbikes, some of which have zero experience in the automobile sector.

B2B Fintech Startup Rupifi Secures $8 Mn Venture Debt From Alteria Capital

The fund would be utilised to increase penetration and plug the gaps in the large manual B2B payments. The amount would also be used to strengthen the startup’s B2B checkout products and create an omni-channel mobile-first B2B payments solution.

Event-led Engagement Platform Airmeet Launches New 360° Analytics to Provide Deeper Data and Analytics on Virtual Event Performance

Airmeet, a leading event-led engagement platform, today unveiled ‘Airmeet 360° Analytics’ — a measurement solution intended to track and analyze event performance. The new functionality will be available to event organizers this month and will track everything from registrations to engagement and sponsor-generated ROI in-real time throughout the duration of an event.

This SaaS startup helps unorganised jewellery retailers go digital, free of cost

The jewellery market in India is dominated by small and medium jewellery stores, many of whom have been left behind in the post-pandemic race for digitisation. As with everything else, the pandemic also changed how people shopped for jewellery, and this shift in shopping behaviour means customers now prefer to browse a store’s app or website or both.

Truefi: Everything You Need to Know About it.

TrueFi (TRU) is an Ethereum token that powers TrueFi, a decentralized financial system that lends without collateral using on-chain credit scores. TRU can be used for staking (approving or rejecting new loans) and governance on the TrueFi protocol.

Wipro partners with bio-tech firm Pandorum Technologies

Wipro and Pandorum Technologies, a biotechnology company working in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, today announced a long-term partnership. Together, the companies will focus on development of technologies that shorten time-to-market and maximize patient outcome during R&D and clinical trials of regenerative medicine. The partnership combines the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of Wipro Holmes with Pandorum’s expertise in regenerative medicine.