Covid 19: Do you know what this Clensta lotion is?

Covid 19: Do you know what this Clensta lotion is?

The product is a lotion, marketed as a cosmetic product and not drug, and has been produced by scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Priced moderately at Rs 280, the Clensta lotion offers 99.9 per cent virus protection with antiviral and antiseptic properties for up to 24 hours. But the billion dollar question is: How many will go online to buy it from the Amazon store?

Aureus Analytics Takes Small Steps Towards Building Resilient And Sustainable Recovery For The Most Vulnerable

There is also a massive need for sustainable charities that can create a long-term positive impact on the poor and underprivileged lives,” said Ashish Tanna, CEO & Co-Founder, Aureus Analytics.

Gemini Is Working on Bringing FIL to Ethereum with Wrapped Filecoin

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange says it is working on a solution for bringing Filecoin’s Filecoin FIL, -4.19% to the Ethereum ETH, -0.63% network. Gemini’s users will be able to convert their FIL holdings on the exchange to wFIL, or Wrapped Filecoin. The exchange will also provide a way for holders to transparently verify that all wFIL tokens are backed 1:1 with mainnet FIL. Gemini is inviting Ethereum developers who are interested in the project to contact the exchange.

What’s next for Indian short video apps?

In October, when short video platform Chingari teamed up with Indian actress Madhuri Dixit Nene to launch her paid dancing course on the platform, the Bengaluru-based startup gained about a million users within a week.

Filecoin’s storage power has grown 40% since mid-October’s miner standoff amid FIL lending surge

The total storage power on Filecoin has grown over 40% since a Chinese miners’ standoff in mid-October, which resulted in an upgrade to the network’s block rewards and a surge in FIL lending.

Policy changes are vital for spurring innovation in spacetech

India was an early entrant to the space age, thanks to the government’s initiative to set up the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro). Its first rocket went into space in 1963 from Thumba in Kerala. Though it was denied technology and materials for strategic reasons, Isro developed launch vehicles that were more economical than their counterparts in the West.

This Homegrown Virtual Event Platform Can Concurrently Host Upto 100,000 Participants

Video conferences and webinars have managed to pave its way in most of our lives today. With the virus still at large, it is difficult to find a day where we go to bed without interacting with people through these video conferencing or video calling software, as they are the only safe nexus between us and the outdoor world. From meeting with friends and families to closing a big client for your company, or even getting married to organizing a large-scale crucial event, these video conferencing software have got you covered.

Once The Food of Warriors, Startup Turns Superfood Sattu Into Carbonated Drink

Sattu cha peeth (Sattu’s atta or flour) was a popular evening snack at my grandmother’s home when I was younger. Mixing Sattu (roasted and ground gram) with sugar and water to form a paste was also a simple, and nutritive solution for my mother during those days. It can also be made from barley or by mixing both barley and gram. But living in a nuclear family, I would only get to enjoy my grandmother’s delicious homemade goodies when she made a trip to visit us during vacations. And eventually, it was forgotten.

Filecoin Mining Explained – Decentralized Storage and the Role of FIL

Following more than 3 years of development, the Filecoin FIL, -3.58% decentralized file storage network finally saw the light of day on October 15. Soon after the much-anticipated launch, Filecoin miners started to offer their file storage space to other users and the price of FIL skyrocketed due to high speculation, but quickly readjusted and ended up settling at around $30 per token. In this article, we will try to clarify what exactly Filecoin is and how does Filecoin mining work.

DealShare aims Rs 7,000 cr GMV by 2023-24, to expand footprint to 100 cities by March

E-commerce start-up DealShare on Friday said it has recorded seven times growth year-on-year in sales and aims to achieve a gross merchandise value of around Rs 7,000 crore by the financial year 2013-24. Founded in September 2018, DealShare has a presence in over 20 cities and towns at present and is further planning to expand its footprint across 100 cities across the country by March.