Chingari Bets On Cloning TikTok And India’s Nationalist Sentiment To Drive Its Growth

Chingari Bets On Cloning TikTok And India’s Nationalist Sentiment To Drive Its Growth

The growing anti-China sentiment in India and the government ban on 59 Chinese apps has brought intense focus on Indian apps and alternatives to Chinese products. On June 29, 2020, around 8 pm, MeitY’s released the list of 59 banned Chinese apps including popular short-video platform TikTok.

Inside the Craze for Filecoin Crypto Mining in China

As Filecoin inches closer to a blockchain mainnet launch – after several delays since its $200 million raise in 2017 – investors in China are again speculating heavily on the network’s mining hardware and its token prices.

Breathing new life into healthcare: How a company producing solar panels started manufacturing ventilators

A company that was producing solar panel cleaning robots until three months ago has started manufacturing ventilators. It has received certification from the HLL and has started delivering orders. More importantly, Nikhil Kurele, co-founder & CEO of Nocca Robotics Pvt Ltd, says the company can now produce 40 ventilators per day and can easily scale up to 80. He shares with FE’s Ishaan Gera that less than 20% of the components are sourced from outside the country. In its third iteration, Nocca’s V310 is a fully-functioning ICU ventilator and costs less than similar global models.

How this technology start-up is helping jewellery retailers like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellery and others in their contactless journey?

StyleDotMe’s AR platform mirrAR allows shoppers to try jewellery on digital platforms of client brands without actually having to wear the pieces. Their innovative AR tech works automatically on the digitalized version of jewellery on real-time. It is being used by leading retailers like Tanishq, Amrapali, PC Jewellers, and Kalyan Jewellers etc.

Cycles for hire at doorstep soon as firms plan expansion in Delhi

With an increasing demand for contact-less mode of transport due to the Covid-19 pandemic, app-based bicycle companies are planning to expand their services in the capital’s residential areas.

Filecoin Is Deciphering The Core of IPFS Mining And Why Their Billion Dollar Market Will Matter To You

Back on June 25th, Filecoin officially announced the upcoming launch of their testnet program and release of four million FIL incentives. FIL is the native cryptocurrency of Filecoin. Filecoin is slated to go live on July 20th, and the mainnet to launch on August 21st. The initial public announcement made waves throughout the crypto industry. The soaring IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) WeChat search index and volume even surpassed that of the mighty Bitcoin and Ethereum. Needless to say, there is tremendous attention on IPFS-based blockchain in 2020.

Marico Foundation selects three innovations for affordable ventilator, respiratory solutions

New Delhi, Jul 11 (PTI) Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) on Saturday said it has selected three innovations to provide affordable ventilator solutions amid COVID-19 crisis for funding.

Top 5 startups innovating with AR/VR in India

Emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are transforming the way people interact, experience and visualize things and businesses. The application of these technologies in various fields like fashion, beauty, architecture, healthcare etc. is changing the way the world looks at the diverse use cases and enormous potential that comes with them. According to a report, the global market for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is estimated to reach USD 766 billion by 2025, registering a 73.7% CAGR during the forecast period of 2018 to 2025.

Micromobility – the emerging growth driver for India during COVID-19

In the last few months, many new words and phrases have insidiously made their way into our collective vocabulary, including mine. Earlier, “lockdown” was something that only happened in factories. “Furlough” and “pandemic” were alien terms. “Social distancing” last year would be considered downright rude.

EdTech Startup PlanetSpark introduces ‘Live Online Training’ to rehabilitate school teachers in Virtual Classrooms

Gurugram-based Edtech startup, PlanetSpark announces ‘Live Online Training’ for school teachers to coach and guide them on online teaching methods and best practices. By introducing this training module, the Edtech player aims to help school teachers transition from traditional offline teaching methods/physical classroom environment to the virtual mode of teaching. The training sessions will be led by PlanetSpark’s senior faculty with extensive experience in online teaching, at the end of which all teachers will have to undergo an online exam called PSAT (PlanetSpark Aptitude Test), in order to become a “Certified Online Teacher”.