The Man Who Is Creating Wrinkle In Space

The Man Who Is Creating Wrinkle In Space

Always an aerospace enthusiast, the co-founder, and chief executive officer of Chennai-based spacetech startup Agnikul Cosmos Pvt. Ltd, Srinath Ravichandran, the “this is it” moment truly came when he was in Los Angeles visiting universities where he cognized many satellites completely ready to be launched but simply waiting in electronics labs because of lack of launch vehicle availability. He decided that there must be a better way to get things to space and that sowed the seeds for Agnikul and their rocket Agnibaan.

TrustToken Unveils TrueFi, bringing Transparent Uncollateralized Lending to DeFi

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 18, 2021 /TrustToken, known as makers of the world’s most transparent stablecoins including TUSD, launches TrueFi, the decentralized protocol for uncollateralized lending, hitting $35 million in total value locked within 24 hours of going live. The TrueFi protocol introduces a new approach to on-chain lending, letting TRU holders vote on incoming borrowers and uncollateralized loan requests; creating new ways for TrueCurrency users to generate stable, high returns in DeFi; and empowering approved borrowers with fast, fixed-term, fixed-rate loans no collateral requirements.

TrustToken, Secret Network Pave Way for Private Stablecoins

TrustToken, the team behind the TrueFi uncollateralized lending platform and maker of asset-backed tokens including TrueUSD, the world’s dollar-backed stablecoin with live on-chain audits, announces a partnership agreement with Secret Network, the first public blockchain to provide privacy-preserving smart contracts. Through the partnership, TrustToken’s TUSD becomes Secret Network’s first asset-backed stablecoin partner, paving the way for private stablecoins and fully secret transactions.

Spacetech startup Agnikul Cosmos builds Made-in-India 3D printed rocket engine, Agnilet

Chennai-based spacetech startup Agnikul Cosmos developed its single piece, fully 3D printed rocket engine, Agnilet, and its cryogenic pump. The rocket engine will be burning kerosene in liquid oxygen.

Stacks mainnet launch brings smart contracts and DeFi to Bitcoin

Stacks, formerly Blockstack — an open-source network for building decentralized applications — has an ambitious vision to bring smart contracts and decentralized finance to the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

Blockstack Upgrade Introduces Smart Contracts for Bitcoin

Blockstack’s soon-to-be-launched blockchain offers developers smart contracts anchored to Bitcoin and investors new ways to earn BTC.

Chingari and Brut India enter into strategic content partnership

Chingari, the indigenous short-video sharing app has announced its collaboration with Brut India for its content partnership. The Brut India video content will now be available on the short video App. As a partner, both Chingari and Brut India aim to achieve mutual objectives of content localization, enhancing user-experience with a simplified application interface, and encourage content diversity on its platform. Brut India, a video publisher in the country, brings compelling journalism in new formats to a local audience.

PlanetSpark Innovation Centre, First Hardware-Targeted…

PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd., the entrepreneurial and strategic investment arm of SGX mainboard-listed Excelpoint Technology Ltd(1) (“Excelpoint”), announced the launch of PlanetSpark Innovation Centre, the first hardware-targeted accelerator for Artificial Intelligence of Things (“AIoT”) innovations, dedicated to supporting Singapore tech startups speed up market deployment.

Clensta Covid 19 Protection Lotion – your long term shield against COVID 19…

New Delhi : Coimbatore-2021 witnessed a drastic change in the lifestyle of people with the onset of COVID 19. The global outbreak of the virus has made sanitisers an integral part of our lives. As a short term solution, sanitisers mattered but the side effects weigh heavily against long term, frequent usage of the same. Frequent usage has long term side effects.

Zerone raises Rs 9 cr from Indian Angel Network, others

Financial technology startup Zerone Microsystems on Tuesday said it has raised USD 1.3 million (around Rs 9 crore) in a funding round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN) with participation from IAN Fund and TCA. The funds were raised in pre-series A funding round.